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What To Write on Funeral Flowers (150+ Useful Ideas) 

Lindsay Scott
  • Check the symbolism of flowers before buying
  • Ensure that the family have not asked for donations in lieu of flowers
  • Keep the bouquet simple and tasteful

When someone experiences loss, a simple gesture can mean the world. Gifting funeral flowers is a way to show you’re there for them, even when words fail. If you’re unsure about what to write on funeral flowers, we’re here to help. 

This article offers guidance on crafting thoughtful messages for these floral tributes, allowing you to express your condolences and support in a meaningful way. We’ve listed a range of sample messages to write on a card, providing comfort when it matters most.

How to Address Funeral Flowers

what to write on funeral card with flowers

To address funeral flowers appropriately, write “To the family of…” on the card. If you knew the person who died or a specific part of their family, you can send the card directly to that person. This personalized approach adds a meaningful touch to your gesture of sympathy.

Tips For What To Write On Funeral Flowers 

Alongside the blooms, finding the right words to write on the card can leave you lost for words. Here are some tips to follow:

Length: Keep your message short and make sure it says something from the heart about how sorry you are and how much you support grieving loved ones.

Expressions of Love: Highlight the person’s importance in your life while expressing your love and admiration for them.

Fond Memories: Share a personal story that highlights the unique qualities and impact of the departed on your life.

Words of Comfort: Offer the grieving family words of comfort and support, and let them know you’re there for them during this hard time.

Inspirational Quotes: Choose a meaningful quote that best reflects the person who passed and the way they lived.

Celebrate a Legacy: Capture the essence of the person’s life and impact, celebrating the positive and lasting influence they had on those around them.

Religious Messages: Include religious words or passages that will help the grieving to feel better and give them direction. Opt for this approach only if the family are spiritual, otherwise play if safe and keep things generic.

Short Funeral Flower Messages

Cherished memories forever

Sending love and comfort

Thinking of you in these difficult times

Rest in peace

In loving memory

We are so sorry for your loss

Your legacy lives on

Your presence is missed

Fond memories linger

May your soul find rest

Celebrating a life well lived

Always remembered, never forgotten

Wishing you as much peace as possible during this difficult time

With heartfelt condolences

Wishing you peace and comfort

Our hearts go out to you and your family

Your spirit lives on

Forever in our hearts

Until we meet again

With deepest sympathy as you remember [deceased]

In our thoughts and prayers

In loving tribute

Holding you in our thoughts and hoping you are doing okay

Longer Funeral Flower Messages

what to write on sympathy card on flowers

In thoughts and sympathies, we’re with you as you remember [name]. Your grief is shared, and we’re here for you.

During these tough times, we’re sending our thoughts and prayers your way. We are holding you in our hearts.

[Name] lives on in our memories, making us smile even in sorrow. We’re by your side, sending our warmest thoughts.

Our hearts ache for you and your family. If you need anything, know that we’re just a call away, ready to lend a hand or an ear.

Sending heartfelt condolences your way. You’re not alone in this, and we’re here to stand by you every step of the way.

Wishing you some peace in the middle of all this chaos. [Name]’s memory will be a comfort as you heal.

We can’t find the right words, but we hope these flowers show how much we care. They’re a small symbol of the love we’re sending your way.

Thinking of you as you remember [name]. Our thoughts and sympathies are with you during this time.

Remembering [name] with love and smiles. We’re here for you, and our thoughts are with you.

Just know we’re thinking of you and hoping you’re hanging in there. Your memories will keep their spirit alive in your heart.

Religious Funeral Flower Messages

Trust in God’s plan as you find comfort in His presence during this time of loss.

May the Lord’s grace and mercy sustain you as you navigate through this season of grief.

We pray that God’s light shines brightly, illuminating the path toward healing and peace.

May God’s peace and love surround you in this time of sorrow.

Find solace in knowing that your loved one is resting in God’s eternal grace.

Lean on your faith, and let God’s promises guide you through this time of loss.

May God’s mercy and compassion provide you with solace and hope as you remember [name].

As we gather to honor [name]’s life, may God’s light shine upon us all.

Our hearts are lifted in prayer, asking for God’s comfort to fill your days.

May the love of Christ bring you strength and healing during this difficult journey.

Rest assured that your dear [name] is now in the presence of the Lord.

God’s love transcends time, and your cherished memories will forever live on.

In God’s embrace, your loved one has found eternal rest and peace.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers For Mum

what to write on funeral flowers card for mom

Thank you for your unwavering motherly love, Mum. You are deeply missed.

In celebration of a life well-lived. Your legacy will continue to inspire.

For Mum, who made every day brighter. Your spirit will forever shine.

To the queen of our hearts. Your love remains with us, always.

Forever in our hearts, your motherly love and guidance will never fade.

Rest peacefully, dear Mum, your motherly warmth is our eternal light.

In loving tribute to a remarkable mother, mentor, and friend.

To Mum, the heart and soul of our family. Your love lives on in us.

In loving memory of the best mum ever. Your hugs and laughter will be missed.

For Mum, with all our love. Your memory will always bring smiles.

In honor of a life filled with love. We will cherish the memories forever.

To Mum, forever in our thoughts. Your love was our guiding light.

In loving memory of Mum. Your love is our forever treasure.

For Mum, who taught us love and strength. You’re forever in our hearts.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers For Dad

Though you’re gone, your love and guidance remain forever present.

In loving memory of [Name], a beloved father and friend.

Dad, your jokes, your love, and your spirit will stay with us. Rest easy.

In memory of the coolest dad. Your legacy of laughter and love lives on.

To the man who made life an adventure. We’ll miss you, but your stories will live on.

For Dad, the BBQ master and the heart of our family. 

In honor of a life well-loved and well-lived. Cheers to you, Dad.

Dad, your love was our compass. You may be gone, but your guidance remains.

For the guy who taught us to fix things and find joy. Your memory is our toolbox.

To the legend we called Dad. Your spirit dances in our memories.

In loving memory of a one-of-a-kind father. Your love is woven into every corner of our lives.

Dad, your laughter echoes in our hearts. You’ll always be our source of joy.

For the man who showed us how to live fully. Your legacy of fun and fearlessness lives on.

To Dad, who made ordinary moments extraordinary. Your spirit continues to light up our lives.

Your presence lives on in the lives you touched so profoundly.

Thank you for your unwavering support and love Dad. You are deeply missed.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers For Uncle

Your influence lives on, reminding us to embrace life’s joys with gusto.

An uncle’s love remains eternal; your presence lives on within us.

In loving tribute to an unforgettable uncle who touched our lives deeply.

Your wisdom and kindness continue to guide us, even in your absence.

Rest in peace, dear Uncle, your legacy is etched in our hearts.

An uncle’s love is a cherished gift; your spirit will forever inspire us.

With gratitude for the laughter, wisdom, and love you shared, dear Uncle [name].

Though you’re gone, your impact on our lives will never fade.

Your memory lives on in the echoes of your laughter and the warmth of your love.

May your memory bring comfort and strength to all who knew you.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers For Brother

What To Write On Funeral Flowers For Brother

Cheers to you brother. Your spirit lives on in our epic stories.

In our hearts, you’re still throwing the best punchlines and giving the tightest hugs.

Life won’t be as wild without your adventurous spirit, but we’ll honor it every day.

In loving memory of my dear brother, a bond that time can’t break.

Thank you for the love and laughter, [name]. You’re deeply missed.

We’ll carry your laughter and love wherever we go. Keep watching over us, bro.

A brother’s impact is lasting; your strength continues to inspire me.

We’ll cherish the good times and keep them close, just like you.

Carrying your love and memories, a cherished part of who I am.

No goodbyes, just ’til we meet again. Keep watch, big bro.

You’ll forever be my hero, Brother, your influence never wanes.

In memory of my incredible brother, your light shines brightly.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers For Sister

Life’s a little quieter without your laughter, sis. But your spirit’s always near.

Through thick and thin, you stood by my side, sis. Miss you immensely.

With gratitude for the countless moments and love, [name]. You’re deeply missed.

Your love endures, sister, a bond unbreakable even by time’s passage.

Through thick and thin, you stood by my side, [name]. You’re profoundly missed.

In memory of our extraordinary sister. Your life’s chapters remain etched in our hearts.

In loving memory of the best sister and partner-in-crime.

Rest easy, sis. Your laughter and love are our eternal sunshine.

Thanks for the endless laughs and love, sis. You’re irreplaceable.

[Name], you left a trail of smiles in your wake. Keep shining up there.

Gone but never forgotten [name]. Your memory’s a treasure we’ll cherish.

Cheers to you, sis. Your spirit’s like a cozy blanket on a chilly day.

Your love lives on, sis, in every shared secret and inside joke.

Life won’t be the same without your sass and style, sis.

Through thick and thin, you were my sidekick, sis. Miss you more than words can say.

In memory of a truly amazing sister. Your light continues to guide us.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers From Grandchildren

What To Write On Funeral Flowers From Grandchildren

For our beloved [name], your hugs and laughter will always echo in our hearts.

To Grandma/Grandpa, with all our love. Your wisdom and stories will forever guide us.

To the world’s best Grandparent. Your spirit lives on in us.

For the Grandparent who taught us the true meaning of family.

In loving memory of the coolest Grandma/Grandpa. Your love is our treasure.

To Grandma/Grandpa, thank you for a lifetime of love. Your legacy lives on.

In remembrance of [name] who made every visit an adventure. You’re forever in our memories.

To the one who made us smile. Your memory brings warmth on even the coldest days.

To Grandma/Grandpa, with all our love. Your wisdom and stories will forever guide us.

For Grandma/Grandpa, who taught us how to love and live fully.

In honor of a Grandparent who filled our lives with love and joy.

For the one who spoiled us with love. Your presence is missed but your love is eternal.

In loving tribute to Nan/Pop who always made us feel special.

Funeral Flower Message From Employer

Sharing in your sadness, with heartfelt sympathy. The impact of [Name]’s presence on our team will be remembered fondly.

Remembering your loved one and offering our support. The team feels the absence of [Name] and honors their contributions.

Wishing you strength and peace in these difficult moments. [Name] will be dearly missed by the entire team.

Your family is in our hearts and thoughts during this difficult time. 

Sending comfort and support in your time of sorrow. [Name]’s absence will be deeply felt by the team.

Our thoughts are with you during this tough time. 

With deepest condolences from your work family. [Name]’s memory will forever remain a cherished part of our team.

In sympathy and friendship, [Company Name]. 

Holding you close in our thoughts and prayers. [Name] touched the lives of everyone on the team and will be greatly missed.

We’re here for you, both as colleagues and friends. The team will forever remember [Name]’s positive influence and dedication.

FAQs – What To Write On Funeral Flowers Card

what do u write on funeral flowers

What do you write on funeral flowers in simple words?

Some ideas to express condolences simply are “With heartfelt sympathy”, “In our thoughts”, or “Gone but not forgotten”.

Do you write the person’s name on funeral flowers?

Yes, it’s common to include the person’s name on funeral flowers. Adding the person’s name helps personalize the tribute and ensures that the message is directed specifically to them.

What do you write on a wreath card?

Messages of sympathy on a wreath can include “In loving memory of [name]”, “heartfelt condolences” or “forever in our hearts”.

What is a good funeral message?

One where you use the name of the departed is “Remembering [Name] with love and gratitude. May their memory bring comfort and strength to us all.” This makes it more personal but keeps it short.

What not to write on funeral flowers?

Avoid writing anything that could be seen as disrespectful or insensitive. This includes mentioning the cause of the death, vulgar jokes, personal opinions, and political statements.

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