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21 Ideas – What To Get Someone Whose Dog Died

Lindsay Scott

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Losing a pet dog can be a painful experience for those who have formed strong bonds with their furry friend. Studies show that the loss of a pet can impact someone both emotionally and physically. If you’re wondering what to get someone whose dog has died, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful options that aim to console and honor man’s best friend.

Quality Time

what to get someone who lost a dog

While gifts are a thoughtful option, also consider taking the grieving individual out for a coffee or walk in nature. They may be stuck in their home environment surrounded by painful reminders about their lost pet. Even if they don’t want to talk about their dog’s passing, your company and support will likely be appreciated to distract them from their pain. This may also be an opportunity to farewell the dog or find a way to say goodbye, particularly if the owner would like to manage the pet’s cremains.

Care Package

Those who are mourning the loss of a pet often neglect themselves in their own grief. Consider buying a range of items that you know will best resonate with the person (e.g. magazines, herbal teas, chocolates, candles) and add a heartfelt handwritten note to express your sympathies. There are also many good options online if you are short on time. 

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Goodbye Friend Book

For those who are processing the death of a much-loved dog, a book can be a great resource to turn to when the tears won’t stop. Having a reference enables a person to understand their feelings and know that their experience is normal. This well-rated text by Gary Kowalski provides useful wisdom along with coping strategies to use when it all gets too hard.

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This book by Lyn Ragan is also very popular and may suit pet owners who are more spiritual.

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Pet Memorial Windchime

This windchime and poem card can help to break the silence after the loss of a dog. While also serving as a decorative ornament, the deep tones of the chimes can have an added healing effect. Sound therapy is said to promote relaxation and mental well-being. 

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Sympathy Notes Jar

If you are struggling with what to say to someone whose dog has died, let this gift do it for you. This KindNotes Keepsake Jar includes 31 notes that aim to console and inspire those who are going through a hard time.

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Stress Less And Self-Care Cards

Give the grieving dog parent a practical way to mindfully manage their feelings. This pack contains 50 effective exercises to help relieve stress and deal with anxiety whenever they need it the most. The cards are also endorsed by medical professionals.

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Angel of Comfort Figurine

This hand-painted resin figure is a sweet reminder of the pet who has passed. If you are struggling to think of what to get someone whose dog died, keeping it simple may be the best approach. The grieving owner can use this as a small memorial for their pet.

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Handmade Loss of Dog Necklace

This necklace can be customized to include the dog’s name, birthstone, and various charms as preferred. It makes for a beautiful minimalist way to carry the memory of the lost pet forward. 

what to get someone who lost a dog

String Paw Print Charm Pet Bracelet

If a bracelet is more suited to your friend whose dog has died, this is an affordable and cute option with an adjustable band that can be handy for kids.

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Memorial Lantern for Lost Pet

This lantern encloses a flickering LED candle for a realistic flame effect and sentimental wording on the glass. Complete with a memorial gift tag and ribbon, this is a charming gift option for a person who is missing their furry friend.

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Custom Dog Memorial Blanket

Many people find comfort in tactile touch, particularly when they are experiencing grief. This custom dog photo blanket allows you to both memorialize treasured photos of the pet and allow the owner to cuddle up in their sympathy gift.

what to send someone whose dog died

Remembrance Christmas Ornament

The absence of a much-loved dog can hit home during the festive season when family surrounds us. This Christmas ornament is a unique gift idea for someone whose dog died to include their pet during this time – hung on the tree or even on a door handle.

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Custom Art Print

While a full custom portrait of the passed pet will be quite pricey, this dog with halo print offers a good compromise for value. You can pick fur colors for some personalization that best reflects the dog who has died. 

what to say to someone whose dog just died

Laser Engraved Dog Key Chain

This key chain is a subtle but poignant gift that enables grieving dog owners to carry a reminder of their pet with them. Available in multiple colors and sizes, the engraving is super realistic if a quality image is used.

what to get someone whose dog passed away

Personalized Pet Pillow

For those quirkier pet owners, this custom pillow can be made to order so that the size replicates the dog’s dimensions. Owners can reach for the gift to cuddle when they need comfort during tough times.

what to get a friend whose dog died

Ultimate Snacks Care Package

Some of us turn to snacks and munchies as a distraction when we are hurting. This snack care package provides a range of options for those who are grieving their dog. If you are after a healthier choice, there are many fruit hamper suppliers online or you can compile one yourself at the grocery store.

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Garden Solar Light – Pet Memorial Stone

For those who spend time in their garden and nature, this solar pet memorial stone serves as a sweet tribute to a lost dog. Best of all, one purchase of this weather-resistant item also supports feeding seven shelter dogs via iHeartdogs

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Pet Memorial Picture Frame

This memorial frame has five display mats to showcase a pet’s photo and collar. With the option of a freestanding base or hanging hooks, this is a beautiful way to pay tribute to that loved dog. 

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Personalized Pet Memorial Plaque

If you prefer a fully customized display, then this pet memorial plaque might be a better option. Pick from a range of quotes, fonts, and sizes to create a seamless tribute that will suit all interior settings.

what to tell someone whose dog died

Charitable Donation

As a small token on behalf of someone whose dog has died, consider making a donation to the local animal shelter or a dog welfare charity. This honors the memory of the passed pet and helps to pay it forward for all the years of love given. Let the grieving dog owner know with a lovely card or tell them in person.

Sympathy Card With Food Voucher

This simple but very practical gift is perfect when you’re struggling with what to give someone whose dog has died. Find a beautiful card and handwrite your condolence message. Then insert a gift card from a popular meal delivery service such as UberEats, DoorDash, or Grubhub.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I console someone whose dog is dying?

Offer your support and allow the grieving person to be upset and react as needed. Make sure they know that hurting over an animal is normal and that they were blessed to have this companion in their family. 

Who do I call when my dog dies at home?

The best contact point is your local vet who can provide a range of options for disposition. This usually includes pick up for cremation, referral to a local authority, or if allowable – you can bury your dog at home.

Who do I call when my dog dies at home?

The best contact point is your local vet who can provide a range of options for disposition. This usually includes pick up for cremation, referral to a local authority, or if allowable – you can bury your dog at home.

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